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Who we are

Heaven Party, with the website is property of Ana Carolina Athayde, with VAT 245072283, contact adress R. Sociedade Protectora dos Animais 17, 4350-307 Porto

About our contents

Reproduction, conveyance, distribution or storage of the page contents without previous written approval by Heaven Party is prohibited for other purposes apart from strictly personal use.  A utilização do domínio com fins abusivos, e sem autorização prévia, é suscetível de recurso aos meios legais competentes por parte da Heaven Party.

Data collection with express permission

Heaven Party respects its users privacy at

In this document we explain how we collect, process and storage personal data (ex. email) from people (users) browsing the site and filling out our forms.

Every time you browse in to our site, in case you intend to provide us your personal details, you would have to accept our Privacy Policy and Cookies.

Data process

After your expressed permission we collect your personal data, includ it in Heaven Party`s files for marketing purposes, about products and services under de law terms n.º 6/99, Lei n.º 41/2004 e da Diretiva n-º 2002/58/CE.

Collected contact data are kept only for the purposes consented, or until the right of opposition, rectification, update and delete of it, is verified.

Storage and protection of your personal information

We never give your details to third parties and we protect your data with security procedures (data encryption), limiting the access to the platform`s owner. It is important, however, emphasise that any security measure ou encryption can garantee full data protection against hackers ou human error.

Data owners rights

Data owners have the right to, at any moment, access to stored data and request its revision or delete. For that, any or every communication concerning data protection, you must contact Heaven Party by written throught the following channels:

Subject: Privacy


Letter: R. Sociedade Protectora dos Animais 17, 4350-307 Porto

Site users obligations

OThe client is responsible for the data accuracy communicated and commits to inform Heaven Party, about any changes concerning this matter.

The use of this site is under pre-defined usage condictions by Heaven Party as the only and exclusive owner.

Heaven Party reserves the right to change their Privacy Policy without notifying the site users, therefore it is important that you read this regularly.

Política de Privacidade atualizada no dia 21 de dezembro de 2018.

Policy and Cookies

Throught cookies (according to our Cookies Policy), after your consent, we can identify your browsing path into our site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the site sends to your computer, smartphone or tablet, when you sign in.

These files gather a set of information when you browse the site and these are used to simplify your experience and it does not damage your computer.

What are cookies for?

Collected data from our cookies or third party cookies results in variables of session and usage patterns and its main goal is to adapt the site to the users interests and to identify the user when loged in.

This information has as its only purpose, to enable and improve the site`s technical performance and its usage experience.

What type of cookies are being used?

Cookies in this site are used for, as follows:

  • Analitic cookies:- To provide anonimous statistics data relative to site`s usage (e.g. visited sites, number of visitors and the software used by the client).
  • Functionality cookies: To store the user`s preference conccerning the site`s navigation, so it wont be necessary to configure it every time the user visits the same site.
  • Session cookies: Are temporary “cookies” stored on your browser in a “cookies” folder until it leaves the web page, meaning that there will be no record on the user`s disk drive unit. Collected data by these “cookies” will help analyse site traffic types, offering this way, a better surfing experience, better content and a much easier way to use it.

Does this site use cookies for other purposes?

No. Our cookies do not use any clients personal data that might be considered sensitive. The same way, we do not use cookies to divert our marketing or from third parties, to our users.

However, we use third party cookies, namely Google, wich enables statistical analyses of site usage and data store, relating to the user`s patterns, for browsing habits knowledge and, eventually show the user, marketing related to the user`s profile.

Who has access data stored in cookies?

Data stored by our cookies is used exclusively by the user while visiting our site, being eliminated when the user logs off.

Data stored by third partie cookies, namely Google is transferred and stored by Google Inc. ( U.S.A companie), so we sugest you consult privacy page of Google Ananlytics,

Is it possible to disable de use of cookies?

Yes, all cookies can be disabled in your browser. However, by doing this, you stop contributing for the continuous improvement we intend to offer our clients at all times and some of the features wont be accessible any more.

To block or delete cookies, you can do it by changing your browser settings on menu “Preferences” or “Tools”. For more details about “cookies” settings, go to menu “Help” on your browser.

In the links below you will find more detailed information of how to change or disable “cookies” in each browser: