Our Heaven Parties offer a new sensual life experience to couples, in a totally safe and anonymous way.

Would you like to get in our private Paradise?


Would you like to join this experience of eroticism and seduction?

Couples can register here.


All invited couples are selected based on a filled form and after a private interview with the Party planners. Heaven Parties will take place in different venues with specific themes each, wich will be communicated after acceptance of the guest list.

All selection process is data privacy protected.


After your request is approved, you will be contacted by one of our planners.


The Party venue will be revealed to participants via text message, 24 to 48 hours prior to it. Our Parties start at 23h00. Couples will be greeted by our hosts, and will be asked to leave their mobile phones in a locker or in a sealed envelope.

Later, couples go to the Party area that includes an open bar and a buffet, where they can enjoy each others company, dance and have fun.The atmosphere is sofisticated and elegant. Every selected couple have the common desire for a private paradise, therefore conversations flow freely and the atmosphere becomes more intimate and seductive.

Later, around 1h00, guests are invited to express their own sensuality. Ladys will feel free to take off their beautiful dresses and show their sexy lingerie. Gentlemen will feel free to take off their suit and tie.

The power of seduction and eroticism starts growing naturally. Every guest is free to explore their private paradise, giving wings to their fantasies and most secret desires.

This experience culminates in an extase of adrenaline and pleasure to all guests. It is a unique sensory experience that you will never forget.

All under the rules of consent and total anonymity.

For more details abou our party, please go to FAQ's.

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October 23th - Near Porto

The biggest party of the year! The celebration of glamour and lust. Mystery, erotic, seduction, and many surprises!
Dare to enter paradise?
The party will be held in Porto in a Stunning Location.
All couples should present themselves with the utmost elegance and sensuality. Gentlemen should wear black tie and ladies black dresses (cocktail or ceremony) with some red.

Limited places

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